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Helium Jam is a indie-rock band created by Julia and Miri in 2010.
The band released 4 albums “Poslushay”(“Listen”) (2014), “23 hours” (2015), “Live” (2015) and “Prognoz” (“Forecast”) (2020), as well as the singles “Vitriny” (“Showcases”) (2016) and “Ne s toboy” (“Not with you”) (2021).
Helium Jam successfully performs at many European rock festivals and concert venues in Israel, performing most of it’s songs in Russian.
In 2017, Julia and Miri moved to Israel, where they continued their concert activities, and also founded the Rock Salon and a recording studio in 2021.

In the fall of 2022, the project was renamed “The Prognoz”

All copyrights for lyrics, music and performance are held by Helium Jam.

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